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Heating With Oil

Want to be informed about Oilheat? With this useful brochure you can learn how your Oilheating system works, the truth about oil tanks, and why Oilheat is a good value. Consider it the homeowner's guide to Oilheat.

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If you are buying or selling an Oilheated home, be sure to speak to your local Oilheat dealer. They can help make the sale easier with the following services:

  • Equipment history and service record: The home’s Oilheat provider can help provide the new owner with information on the equipment, installation dates, service repairs and other history, and can recommend upgrades or system enhancements for future savings.
  • Equipment Upgrades: Upgrading a heating system before the sale may make the home more desirable, thanks to lower fuel use. Upgrading after the sale will make the new homeowners more comfortable and help them save money. Recent studies funded by NYSERDA showed fuel savings as high as 48.3 percent when replacing an outdated boiler with a new high efficiency boiler. (*Source:  Energy Research Council/Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • Service Contract Transfers: Many full service Oilheat dealers will allow the transfer of an existing service contract at the time of the sale.*
  • Final Tank Reading: Contact your Oilheat dealer for a final tank reading just before closing for an accurate accounting of the value of the oil. Many dealers also offer discounts or incentives to both the new homeowner, and for the seller’s new home (if in the service area).
  • Get more information: Ask your Oilheat dealer for a copy of “A Homeowner’s Guide to Oilheat”.

Don’t forget to ask your Oilheat Dealer about*:

  • Bioheat® Fuel
  • Emergency Services
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Budget Programs
  • Price Protection
  • Service Agreements
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Conservation Tips
  • Efficiency Upgrades

*Not all dealers offer all services. Please check with your local provider.

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