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How well do you know the pieces that make up your heating system?

While a NORA-trained and certified technician knows best, we believe every property owner should know the difference between their oil burner and their water heater, and understand how they work. Why? Because it’s YOUR home. Furthermore, a little knowledge on your part will make it easier to explain a problem if you call for service, and easier to understand the explanation when the technician comes to repair it. So take a minute or two, and explore your Oilheat equipment.

How It Works

Whether your home is warmed by an oil furnace or hydronic boiler, we'll tell you everything you need to know about your heating system.


Oil-fired boilers are more versatile than you think. Find out why!


They're not just about heat! Discover how oil furnaces provide homeowners with many options for increased comfort.


The newest burners for Oilheat systems make home heating with oil cleaner and more environmentally friendly than ever before. Check it out!

Water Heaters

Discover how an oil-fired water heater can give you low-cost access to virtually unlimited amounts of hot water.


Here's the place to explore types of tanks - options for aboveground tanks - evaluating underground tanks - and tank regulations.

Upgrading Your System

See how new Oilheat equipment could be your key to energy savings plus other valuable benefits!

Choosing a New System

When is it time to think about choosing a new heating oil system? Before you call your contractor for a major remodeling job or decide that your allergies are something you "have to live with," read this section!


Tuning-up your heating system will let you rest assured that it will run optimally during the heating season. Learn more in this informative section.