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NORA funds research to provide more warmth than ever before, using less fuel. NORA research into new equipment and technologies has developed equipment that can help homeowners reduce energy expenses and promote a cleaner environment while increasing comfort and peace of mind. Not all the technologies described below are commercially available.

Burner Technologies

Vaporizing technologies and high-flow atomization burners modify the way Oilheat is mixed with air for combustion. High-efficiency flame retention burners draw in less air and create a hotter flame.

Thermo-Photo Voltaics

TPV uses the radiation from an Oilheat burner's flames to generate electric power. The combined generation of heat and electricity represents an important breakthrough in "micro-cogeneration" systems for residential and commercial use.

Condensing Boilers and Furnaces

Condensing technology uses the heat in the exhaust gases from the boiler to preheat the water as it enters the boiler, recapturing energy that would otherwise be lost. When a condensing boiler or furnace is working at peak efficiency, the water vapor produced by the consumption of Oilheat in the boiler condenses back into liquid water. With efficiency levels of over 92 percent, condensing boilers are an excellent way to practice energy conservation.



Each generation of Oilheat equipment has improved. When oil is burned in the furnace or boiler, any emissions are vented up the chimney. The clean burning flame is better for the equipment and the home.

Advanced Technologies

The latest microprocessor-based boiler controls improve the efficiency of most oil-fired residential boiler home heating systems, resulting in fuel and energy savings. The control's microprocessing technology automatically adjusts the boiler output as your energy requirements change, substantially improving efficiency because there are fewer "on-off" cycles. The results are reduction in fuel consumption, wear on parts, flue emissions, and electrical usage.

Newer model thermostats and heating equipment are also equipped with smart controls which enable the homeowner to manage the equipment output, and may also connect with remote monitoring services available through the Oilheat dealer.

Double-Walled Safety Tanks

This unique tank-in-a-tank design offers the highest level of environmental protection.


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